Little Emma was tortured at Regency Gates Apartments in Mobile


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Little Emma was tortured at Regency Gates Apartments in Mobile. We are trying to help her.

Emma’s mother and father wanted her to have a good start. Although her daddy works hard, he and his wife Olivia were just getting by. But they moved into one of the nicest and best apartment complexes in Mobile they could afford: Regency Gates. However, they did not make enough money to break the lease and move when the horrors started.

One year-old Emma started breaking out in awful rashes every night. Olivia was worried. It got worse. Finally, they realized it was not fleas, or mosquitoes. Parasites were infesting the apartment they moved into in February 2011 – bed bugs.

Large landlords knew this epidemic was creeping across America.

When the parents complained, the landlord reassured them that they had nothing to worry about. According to the landlord, bed bugs that were sucking Emma’s blood every night were awful but they would get rid of them. After all it was the landlord who was bound in the lease to provide pest eradication.

The landlord promised to use a respected “heat treatment” to cook the bed bugs.

Professional heat treatments are a fine way to exterminate bed bugs. The parents were told to leave for a day and a heat treatment would do the trick. What they were not told was the “heat treatment” merely consisted of a maintenance guy turning up the HVAC. There was no heat treatment. This started a long period of deceit.

The open sores and occasional infections that would result from the itchy bites got worse.

The landlord would make promise after promise that another treatment or cure would do the trick. It did not. The landlord never even inspected or treated the walls of the adjoining units where the bugs are known to professional to hide, breed and hatch.

The parents were distraught because they could not afford to move. Daddy needed back surgery and momma needed dental work. But the dental care and back surgery to ease the pain of the parents had to give way to helping Emma. The tax refund that was going to be used for medical care was used to move and buy furniture that was not infested.

The parents did all they could for Emma because the landlord wanted to save money so much they ignored their promise to protect Emma from vermin and parasites.

Now, six months later, Emma still will not sleep in her bed. She prefers the safety of a floor. She has an understandable terror when she sees bugs.

Bed bugs are an unfortunate new problem for landlords. But it is one they have to deal with. We all have new problems arise. Some are expensive to deal with. But when parasites are breeding in your walls, it is a landlord who has to do what it takes to get rid of them.
We look forward to dealing with Regency Gates LLC and pursuing them to the lengths necessary to teach them a lesson on corporate responsibility and what you do to protect little girls that you are supposed to protect.