Lives and Homes are Often Ruined by Termite Companies


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ABC 33/40 did a great job reporting on how termites can destroy homes and cause mental anguish for homeowners.

As reported by ABC 33/40’s Cynthia Gould, Alabama Regulator Joe Debrow warns that bad termite treatments are often the cause of termite infestations. If you think you haven been made a victim by improper termite treatment, ask for help from the sources of reliable information. Do not delay if you discover a problem, even if your problem seems minor. If your company applied an ineffective treatment, you can only figure it out by having an expertise in knowing how a termite treatments are performed. If your company performed a bad treatment, then they know that they could face tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. In light of this fact, what do you think the chances that your provider will fess-up to their faulty work are?

For this reason you must get an independent expert opinion before the your service provider is allowed to investigate. Letting them inspect before an independent investigation grants them the opportunity to destroy or cover-up crucial evidence. At Campbell Law PC, we have seen this happen time and time again.

If you have termites, it is most likely that your termite company failed to provide the prevention treatments you scheduled and paid for. To gain restitution, it must be proved that the treatment provided fell below state-mandated standards is. To document sub-standard work an understanding of how termite treatments are performed and the knowledge of how to document this failure is necessary. At Campbell Law PC, our team has the knowledge and understanding necessary. Together our firm has over 60 years experience combined in handling termite damage claims. Our practice has litigated claims against both large pest control companies and dozens of the smaller companies. Over the years we have collected hundreds of thousands of pages of pest control industry-related documentation including all of the Terminix manuals for termite service all the way back to the 1970’s. In addition, termite company employees and former employees frequently step forward to volunteer helpful information to our firm about company practices that were performed in bad faith.

The original story can be viewed here.