Our attorneys have won more termite cases in arbitration
than any firm in America, by far.

Why spend hundreds of hours untangling the pest control industry's web of deceit? We can often accomplish the same result in a few hours.

  • A proven playbook of successful strategies from hundreds of termite cases
  • A deep bench of lawyers who routinely handle termite cases
  • Experience with cases nationwide, from South Carolina to California
  • A massive termite evidence locker with depositions and experts
  • Manuals for most of the major termite companies
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Termite damage cases don't have to be a baptism by fire. Our team accepts referrals and works nationwide.

Termite Tom can be a Powerful Ally

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Most lawyers evaluate termite damage claims to see if there is a breach of duty on the face of the instrument.

Often, unfounded assumptions are made that recovery is impossible or limited if the four corners of the termite contract do not expressly provide “coverage” like that provided in an insurance policy.

We have overcome typical termite company defenses using powerful tools such as the company’s failure to deliver the promised service and fraudulent inducement.

We have a successful track record of using a number of other theories to obtain fair recoveries, so we do not have to brief the issues from scratch.

While in trial court, our vast experience and special knowledge allow us to cite similar decisions reached by other trial courts on a number of recurring issues.

For more than 30 years, we represented clients across the country with termite claims against dozens of termite companies .

  • We have invested substantial monetary, human, and technological resources in my pest control cases for property damage and personal injury from chemical misapplication.
  • We devote substantial resources to these claims in individual cases, “mass actions” and class actions.
  • We have studied many of the larger companies’ policies and practices dating back to the 1960’s.
  • We have also found creative ways to avoid unfair and unconscionable arbitration clauses in some cases.
  • Many of our cases have been tried successfully to conclusion in court or arbitration and we have recovered punitive damages in both forums.
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We accept referrals of termite cases from across the country and would be happy to discuss any cases you may have. Millions of dollars in recoveries have been achieved for our clients and we are anxious to help you maximize the value of your cases.