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Chris Kalifeh tells his termite horror story and how Termite Tom was able to help.

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Steve Barnett, former Terminix Branch Manager, explains how Termite Tom's expertise can help clients.

More stories about people just like you who have fallen victim to the rampant fraud in the termite industry... and how we helped.

Lincoln Logs by KNex

Frivolous Lawsuit? Bad Set of Lincoln Logs Results in $250,000 Judgment

A defective Lincoln Log set results in a judgement for disgruntled consumers of a quarter-million dollars in Alabama, Campbell Law…

motor home

Terminix Fraud Forces Elderly Retired Educator to Live in Her Camper: Pest Control Giant Forced to Pay $2.8 Million

Terminix Fraud Forces Elderly Retired Educator to Live in Her Camper. Arbitration Award Pops Pest Control Giant with $2.8 Million…

IMG 7698

A Chance to Save Another Family

The credit cards are maxed-out. The family has lived in the dens and basements of relatives for months. Tears could…

CAMPBELL LAW ActionPortraits sm 16 4

Sunday School Teacher Inspires Attorney to Seek Justice

Growing up in Alabama, Keiron McGowin was inspired by a former Sunday School teacher and lawyer to go into a…

safe image

Home is Lost as Cincinnati Grandmother Targeted by Terminix

UPDATE 12/28/16: Terminix lost its effort to dismiss fraud and consumer protection act claims on December 28, 2016. Judge Foley…

sea beach vacation sand

Rescuing a Gulf Coast Homeowner from a Pest Control Scam

Guardian Pest Control acted as if they were above the law. For years the company headquartered in Baldwin County, Alabama sold worthless termite treatments…


Termite Treatment Leaves 10-Year-Old Boy Fighting for His Life

In August of 2015, the Palm City home of 9-year-old Peyton McCaughey was fumigated by the well-known pest control company,…

Bent Oaks House 052

A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

You spend countless hours planning and dreaming about what your perfect home will be like, go through dozens of tours,…


Lives and Homes are Often Ruined by Termite Companies

ABC 33/40 did a great job reporting on how termites can destroy homes and cause mental anguish for homeowners. As…


Little Emma was tortured at Regency Gates Apartments in Mobile

Little Emma was tortured at Regency Gates Apartments in Mobile. We are trying to help her. Emma’s mother and father…

How low can you set the bar

How Low Can You Set The Bar?

How Low Can You Set The Bar? American Pest Control out of Athens, Ga. sets the bar as low as possible…

A Home Destroyed

A Home Destroyed

We are in trial in Bessemer, AL this week representing a family who live in this Pelham, AL home. Alabama…