A Chance to Save Another Family

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The credit cards are maxed-out. The family has lived in the dens and basements of relatives for months. Tears could fill buckets. Fear of financial disaster and decades of recovery fueled sleepless nights. And lawyers all over said they couldn’t help. Then a struggling mother called Campbell Law PC.

What Campbell Law’s investigator found when dispatched to inspect the home was that Terminix International never did the treatment it promised.  Year after year, it left the home completely open to termite infestation smack-dab in the middle of one of the worst Formosan termite hot spots in America. What other good lawyers missed was that the home was treated with a termite chemical Terminix marketed for its maker all across America in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  It’s executives quickly learned firsthand what entomologist had been warning about in professional journals for years: microorganisms loved to eat the chemical and it would disappear within months of application.

What Terminix did when it learned of the impending disaster for thousands of American families is the stuff of Hollywood movies about corporate greed. One Terminix president after another for thirty years continued the company policy.  The policy is simple: Keep collecting annual premiums from these families, leave the homes open to the inevitable termite infestation, claim it is a mystery when massive damage is discovered and then deny paying for claims.  Terminix found it cheaper to conceal the cause of infestations when claims arise and deny or offer pennies-on-the dollar to settle claims.  Off almost two BILLION dollars in annual revenue from termite operations, Terminix pays about 15-16 million dollars in damage claims.  With those dramatic numbers – combined with callousness – it doesn’t make sense for Terminix to provide termite prevention. Families may be losing homes and going bankrupt but Terminix makes money hand-over-fist.

Campbell Law PC”s team of experienced lawyers and para-professionals look forward to working hard to recover for this family so they can get back on their feet financially, back in their home after the entire floor system is replaced, and back to sleeping at night.

If you have termite damage in your home and it was treated by Terminix in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, talk to lawyers who already know why your home or business is eaten-up by termites.

If you are a former Terminix employee who will share horror stories that result from the practice of ignoring incomplete and worn-off termite treatments, or covering it up by switching customers to baiting systems, get in touch with our team.