A Homeowner’s Worst Nightmare

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You spend countless hours planning and dreaming about what your perfect home will be like, go through dozens of tours, then finally – you find the one! Then disaster. It happens all the time, silently eating away at the hopes and dreams of property owners in the U.S.

What is this silent dream killer? – Termites!

Each year thousands of people in the U.S. have an unknown termite infestation, and many have just moved into their “dream home.”

Take the story of Jim and Tonya Spiers for example, this couple in Biloxi Mississippi were elated when they moved into their new, shore-side home. The home was everything they ever wanted, and more. Just a few short months after moving in, the Spiers began the fight of their lives. Over a year later, the battle-scarred couple share their story.

It began one summer day when the unsuspecting couple got the devastating news. Their indoor pool was due for some routine maintenance, so they called their contractor. Less than 10 minutes later he gave them the shocking news, “we have a problem.”

These images reveal some of the damage to the Speirs’ home.

What started as a simple beam repair kicked off a full-house extermination battle. The entire property was heavily infested with termites. As soon as termite season hit, the damage was made clear with an onslaught of flying swarmers.

The infestation was so severe, that the couple had to move out for the damage to be repaired. They had no choice but to do all they could to salvage their home.

After depleting their financial resources, the couple was finally able to move back into their home – nearly one year later.

The couple was given the impression that their home had been properly treated for termites, so the infestation was a huge shock. This prompted an investigation, one that turned into a legal battle. Their case was handled by termite complaint law firm, Campbell Law PC.

Campbell Law PC is based in Birmingham, Alabama – the heart of the termite belt in the Deep South. The firm handles serious cases nationwide. We will be happy to evaluate your claim at no cost to you.