How Low Can You Set The Bar?

How low can you set the bar

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How Low Can You Set The Bar? American Pest Control out of Athens, Ga. sets the bar as low as possible for accurate real estate inspections.

For a trial that is set for next week in Northeast Georgia, the company argues that as long as they reported two termite-infested boards in a 1,700 square foot crawl space, then they cannot be held liable liability for missing powder post beetles and fungus present in every joist in the crawl space. 

The company’s inspector, Richard Parr, claims that he looked for an hour. Three more inspectors supposedly spent an additional 16 hours in the crawl space. Every inspector claims that they honestly missed all of the powder post beetle holes existing in every single joist.

Don Parr, a manager for American Pest Control, testified for the company in a deposition that every joist turned into powder within two months! 

The University of Georgia Department of Entomology made a recommendation for the homeowner to contact entomologist Paul Bello. Mr. Bello says that it is impossible for American Pest Control’s opinion to be true. 

If you would like to share your experience with American Pest Control  call Tom Campbell or Robert Walker. Employees and former employees are encouraged to blow the whistle.