A Tiny Divot in Drywall Inside – and Devastation Outside

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A tiny divot in the drywall inside of your home means devastation outside of the home. Had there been an inspection performed by an adequately trained technician at this Alabama home it would have revealed signs of termite infestation within the house. One of these signs can be seen in the picture below within the green oval.

During the inspection, representatives from the pest control company should have shone a flashlight sideways against the walls. This is so that maximum contrast can be created by the flashlight which helps the inspector discover imperfections in the finish. These imperfections can indicate that termites have tunneled through the drywall or that they have eaten the paper off the drywall itself. 

Our firm has collected videos, books, and training materials that state that this must be part of a thorough inspection, this conclusion is reached by all of them. Merely walking through a room with a flashlight is inadequate. If your termite inspector is only doing this, then they cannot claim that your home is free of termites. 

When termites mine sheetrock they do so blindly, searching for wood or paper to eat. If they tunnel through the drywall to the surface, it is indicative that there is massive damage inside of the wall. It follows that if termites have used that much effort to break through the wall, then the food source inside the wall (i.e., the structural support for your home) is almost gone. But the damage may not be directly behind the tunnel, it is possible that it can be some distance away. As seen above, the wall behind this small blemish has been ruined. We had to take the bottom two rows of siding off the outside just so we could reveal the damage on top. 

In the other areas of the house, there were small amounts of dirt in the seams of the siding and in the grooves of the floor. In total, there were more than enough signs that a competent inspector should’ve been able to see which indicated there was a serious problem. Not only did the inspector never become aware of the obvious, he didn’t even go inside the home during the annual inspection. 

Crawling through attics and basements and crawl spaces to locate evidence of infestation and damage is par for the course at Campbell Law PC. If you suspect termite damage due to faulty inspections by your termite protection provider, then reach out to us.