Could Super Termites Be Destroying Your Home?

super termites

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Like most people, you will do everything you can to protect your home. You perform routine maintenance, pay for homeowner’s insurance, and hire professionals to help keep your home functional and safe. Despite everything you do, your best efforts can’t prevent the threat of Formosan termites.

Pest control companies take advantage of customers every day. Often, they will provide terrible service that leaves homes susceptible to large scale infestation. Not only will they charge you for the below standard termite prevention, they will bind customers into contracts and con you into paying for expensive repairs that they should’ve prevented.

How do they do this? They will claim that they have treated your home when in actuality they have cut corners to save money. Then when termite problems arise as a result, they will hide behind contracts, excuses, and bullying tactics to not only evade liability, but also so they can trick people into paying for re-treatment!

Even worse, super termites (Formosan termites) are much more likely to infest your home when left untreated. This species of termite originated in southern China and Taiwan, and they can wreak havoc quickly. They are larger, faster, and damage at higher rates compared to the native species.

The good news is that Formosan termites are prevented and exterminated by the same treatments used on other termites native to North America. Unfortunately, pest control companies often do not properly apply these treatments.  So what should you do when you have been duped by your pest control company? You get legal help—fast!

The Termite Team at Campbell Law is dedicated to fighting fraudulent pest control companies. Their advice is to do business with a skillful, independent professional rather than trusting large pest control corporations.If you have already been victimized by a pest control company, the termite complaint attorneys at Campbell Law have the experience, knowledge, and passion necessary for helping you recover damages.

Don’t try to fix termite damage yourself. Talk to us to ensure your property and your legal matters are handled with care.