"Termite Tom" Campbell talks about the run-around many customers get from termite companies when damage is found.

How pest control companies avoid liability

If you trusted the safety of your home to a professional pest control company, and you experience a termite problem, you might have difficulty getting the response you expect.

At Campbell Law, we have invested over 25 years in understanding the common excuses termite companies use to avoid paying legitimate claims to their customers.

  • 1 We cannot renew your bond until you pay for re-treatment.
  • 2 We can't help you until you sign a new contract.
  • 3 We aren't responsible because there is moisture surrounding the damaged areas.
  • 4 You have a re-treat only contract, so we don't have to pay.
  • 5 We will pay to fix the damage we found, but we won't open the walls to see if there is more.
  • 6 We have to see live termites, otherwise it's old damage and we won't pay.
  • 7 Your contract has lapsed, so we don't have to pay.
  • 8 We have no duty to find hidden damage.
  • 9 The chemicals wear off, so you have to pay for re-treatment.
  • 10 We cannot be held responsible for moisture and rot damage.
  • 11 You dug up the chemical barrier, so the infestation is not our fault.
  • 12 There are no swarmers, so the problem is not severe.
  • 13 We only pay for subterranean termite damage, not Formosan termites.
  • 14 Your damage is caused by carpenter ants, not termites.
  • 15 Our contract releases us from liability.
  • 16 Old damage is indicated on this graph with an 'X.'
  • 17 We are not required by your contract to inspect inside or annually.
  • 18 We cannot renew your contract until all repairs are completed
  • 19 Our insurance company refuses to pay. If you have a complaint, talk to them.

If your pest control company has used any of these excuses after damage was found, you should talk to an attorney who is experienced in termite litigation.

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