Can I repair termite damage myself?

If you've dealt with poor or negligent service from a pest control company, you might be tempted to take matters into your own hands. Though it might seem like a good idea after everything you've been through, attempting DIY termite extermination and damage repair can get you into trouble.

The video below is just one example of how extensive termite damage can be.

Why You Shouldn't Tackle Termite Damage Repair Yourself

Repairing termite damage is a painstaking process.

Termite extermination and damage repair requires a very tedious and skillful approach. Not all damage is easy to see, and it takes someone who knows how termites live and behave, how far their damage can spread, and how to get rid of them for good.

You could ruin your termite complaint lawsuit.

Even if you know how to fix termite damage, attempting to do so could destroy key evidence in your case, ruining your chances at recovering compensation for poor work and damages to your property.

If you have termite damage, don't try to fix it yourself.
We can help!

If you have termite damage after doing business with a termite control company, don't try to fix the damage yourself. Instead, contact an attorney with experience in termite litigation to see if you are one of the thousands who have grounds for filing a termite complaint lawsuit.

Trusting this serious matter to experienced professionals will ensure proper steps are taken so that you get the help and compensation you need.

If you find termite damage, get a second opinion