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Chris Kalifeh tells his termite horror story and how Termite Tom was able to help.

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Steve Barnett, former Terminix Branch Manager, explains how Termite Tom's expertise can help clients.

More stories about people just like you who have fallen victim to the rampant fraud in the termite industry... and how we helped.

A Young Man Moves to Town 1

A Young Man Moving to Town to Marry His Local Sweetheart

Phillip Ballard (Broker) and Sue Tucker (Agent) told our client, Clint Michaelson, a young man moving to town to marry…

Nola D and A

NOLA’s D&A Exterminating Got Caught

Termite Companies Have a Reason to Fib About How Much Termite Damage to Expect or that You Already HaveIf your…

Demolition of Clients House

Demolition of Our Clients’ Home

Our clients are now in a nicer new house after resolving their termite damage lawsuit. Today they watched their old…

Termite company hides damage

Termites Company Hides Damage to Ceiling Joists and Roof

We all want to believe that financial ruin is not lurking in the hard-to-get-to places in our homes. Termite companies…

Ceiling Collapses On

Living Room Collapses in Home of 86 Year Old

The living room ceiling collapsed in the home of an 86 year old woman in New Orleans. Even the remedial…

A Devastated Widow In Mobile

A Devastated Widow in Mobile

A Mobile, Alabama Termite Company made a candid admission: We have never treated the 3,500 to 4,000 homes we placed…


Pest Co. Owner: We Never Prevent Termites and I Don’t Care

Raw Testimony Explains Why Some Industry Members Need To Be Sued Response to Termite Co. Stakeholders. Many stakeholders in the…

091112 Goodwill Computers 16x9

Oops! Terminix Gets Caught Hiding Seven Years of Computer Data

A Crenshaw County Alabama judge ordered Terminix to present a corporate representative Thursday morning to provide sworn testimony about why…

Rugerio Pic

Crawl Space Remained Untreated for 26 years by Alabama Termite and Pest

For 26 years, Alabama Termite and Pest Control (ATPC) failed to treat very nice lakefront Heatherwood home, which was bonded…

Pitts Con Gsme

Pitt’s Con Game

Larry Pitt, father of controversial evangelist Matt Pitt of the youth ministry The Basement (currently under a felony arrest warrant…

Terminix logo

Terminix and The Ugly Face of Defiance

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Rich Boy” Continues to Have Relevance in the New Gilded-Age On January 11, 2012 the largest termite…

Grinch bed bugs 700

The Grinches Who Ruined Christmas: Landlords at Inverness Cliff Apartments on Valleydale Road

In order to avoid fulfilling a written agreement to pay for costly heat treatments to kill bed bugs to save…