The Grinches Who Ruined Christmas: Landlords at Inverness Cliff Apartments on Valleydale Road

Grinch bed bugs 700

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In order to avoid fulfilling a written agreement to pay for costly heat treatments to kill bed bugs to save money for a landlord with a BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF APARTMENTS, should you first let this little boy live with bed bugs for ten months and then tell him that he has to throw away his toys and bedroom furniture? Dylan’s Grandmother was allowed to spend precious resources on “bug bombs” instead of the landlord spending an hour investigating and disclosing the truth about parasites in the complex and what could be done to get rid of them. Well, like Cindy Lou Who, the fibs fooled the child – and his mother and grandmother too.

If you run or own 140 apartment complexes across America and have a woman at headquarters that runs a bed bug education and response program, and you know that most residents will mistake biting insects for something besides bedbugs, what should you do? Should bed bug experts who run apartments tell little boys like this lad at Inverness Cliffs Apartments, managed by SPM Properties of Birmingham, that his unit is crawling with bed bugs in the early morning hours? Should you tell the truth and then spend the money you promise to in your lease for “pest control.”

If the lease landlord drafted says the landlord will pay all costs of pest control, should they provide heat treatments that will kill bed bugs in toys and electronics and furniture? Or should the landlord tell a boy’s mother her family will be put on the street if she does not pay for the pest control anyway?

You can guess how the landlords and property owners and managers at Inverness Cliffs Apartments answered these questions. They put their own comfort, profit and peace of mind over that of this little boy.

Inverness Cliffs Apartments LLC and SPM Property Management LLC were sued Friday December 16, 2011. Circuit Judge Sonny Conwill in Shelby County will hear the case without a jury. SPM prohibits juries in their leases. Cook’s Pest Control, the pest form for Inverness Cliffs knows how to kill bed bugs without making little boys miserable. They give demonstrations about how to do it for free to other professionals and regulators – even plaintiff trial lawyers.

Inverness Cliffs Apartments are some of the fanciest in Metro-Birmingham. The complex is on Valleydale Road off Highway 280 in North Shelby County.