Pitt’s Con Game

Pitts Con Gsme

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Larry Pitt, father of controversial evangelist Matt Pitt of the youth ministry The Basement (currently under a felony arrest warrant for impersonating a law enforcement officer again), owns and operates All-Pitt Pest Control in Birmingham, AL.

Pitt has not ethically or honestly operated his business. This has resulted in multiple accusations against Pitt by regulators of failing to provide termite prevention treatments. The video below is from a home in Trussville that Pitt claims to have treated twice. Regulators inspected within nine days of the treatments and said the that evidence showed that Pitt had been untruthful.

The same home Pitt certified to be termite free. Thirteen days after Pitt’s certification, workmen updating a bathroom discovered massive termite damage. Ultimately, over $60,000 in termite damage to a home worth only $125,000 was uncovered.

According to entomologist and expert witness Paul Bello If a home isn’t  properly treated and is at risk then it is only matter of time before the home is severely damaged. The home currently owned by a recently divorced mother of two young children, and the infestation paralyzed her with fear of financial ruin. 

Even the Lawyers representing the defense conceded that Pitt had been incompetent, though none of them suggested that he should plead guilty to intentional fraud. According to entomologist and expert witness.

The video below is visual evidence of the damage Pitt fraudulently caused. It is narrated by entomologist Paul Bello.