Pest Co. Owner: We Never Prevent Termites and I Don’t Care


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Raw Testimony Explains Why Some Industry Members Need To Be Sued

Response to Termite Co. Stakeholders.

Many stakeholders in the pest control industry assume that lawsuits filed by Campbell Law PC are unfair attacks on good operators who have made a few mistakes. Rather than entering a vague debate on that topic, the firm decided to publish an excerpt of deposition testimony that was admitted as Exhibit 1 in a November 2014 arbitration trial against a Mobile Termite Company. You will see that they almost exclusively perform pretreats and admit that none of the 4,000 or so performed over the last 20 years come anywhere close to a complete treatment like the customers paid for. Articles in PCT magazine in the late 1990’s argue that the industry should run these kinds of operators out of business.

In the following deposition excerpts, the company representatives were given advance notice of the topics that would be covered in the deposition. At the hearing, both the Owner and General Manager of the termite company testified, as did their expert, Bruce Alverson, that the practice of spraying termiticide into the weep holes during annual termite inspections looked like termite booster treatments and that “deceit” is to only plausible explanation for the practice. That testimony spanned three days. Again, the witnesses had advance notice the questions were coming.

We are confident you will agree that a company identified in the following practices over 20 years, resulting in five termite infestations in the first six years that a new home was under contract is justified. The company made minor repairs and closed-up Formosan termite trails. The repair contractor hired by the insurers estimated that uncovering that damage, finding where it ended, and repairing it should cost $189,000 – or more.

The case settled days before the arbitrator was set to issue his written opinion for a confidential sum.

Deposition excerpts found here.