Training Day: Why This Building Material Meant the Clients’ Home Needed to Be Demolished


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Senior Litigator Keiron McGowin explains to the Termite Team why foam insulation in a client’s’ home can be disastrous. A potential client was hesitant to call us. They believed their claim wasn’t big enough for our services because their home only required several thousand dollars in termite repairs.

Mr. McGowin, Attorney at Campbell Law PC, answered call and then patiently listened to the potential client describe their termite problem. Afterwards he asked them a few diagnostic questions, then changed clothes and drove to the their home. When he got there he found Formosan termites, a very aggressive type of termite, not only the wood but also in the Rigid Board Insulation (RBI). Campbell Law PC then hired experts to double check Mr. McGowin’s findings. If he was correct it meant disaster for our client. The experts concurred with Mr. McGowin’s findings, the home had to be demolished.

Because our client sought out our assurance on what they believed was a small issue, they saved themselves from certain disaster. Before we had gotten involved, the termite company had offered our client a $5,000.00 settlement that barred any future restitution for any damage caused to the home. The firm’s efforts resulted in our client accepting a much nicer settlement which they ended up purchasing a much nicer home with.

We see this kind of situation often. Most of our prospective clients think they only have a minor problem. They are then led by the termite company to believe exactly that. What isn’t revealed is that disastrous amounts of damage exist in the floors, ceilings, roofs, and walls. We evaluate our cases free of charge. Don’t worry about contacting us if your claim seems minor. Call us, you could end up avoiding a tragic mistake.