Protect Your Home from Termites – And Pest Control Companies

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Are you doing everything possible to protect your home? Some things can be difficult to prepare for, if not impossible (floods and natural fires). Although, there are dangers to your home that are entirely possible to prepare for that still cause billions dollars in damage every year. An example of a threat that falls into this category is termites.

Termites can destroy your home before you even become aware. This is especially the case if you don’t know what to look for. Now an invasion of a species not native to the U.S., the formosan termite, some termite infestations can inflict damage much faster. 

Luckily there are some things you can do to help put your mind at ease.

Step 1: Limit their food source.

Your home is a giant banquet sized meal for termites, you can lower your risk by removing things that attract them, such as any excess wood or limbs that within 10 feet of your home: this prohibits stacking lumber against or near your home.

Step 2: Limit their water source.

Anything that causes water to flow or a puddle outside your home should be removed, repaired, or redirected away from the house such as dripping faucets and air conditioning drip lines. Also make sure downspouts and gutters properly expel water away from your home.

Step 3: Perform routine termite inspections.

Checking for signs of termites can help you discover the problem before it’s too late. If you spot things like pin-holes in walls, wood dust piles, dirt tunnels around wood structures, or flying swarmers and discarded insect wings, get a professional inspection right away.

What do I do If I Have a Termite Problem?

If you have termites, finding a pest control company you can trust is extremely important. Sadly, Pest control companies like Terminix and Orkin take advantage of people every day. They will perform half-hearted inspections and will cut corners during the extermination process. Often, they trick their customers into overpaying for retreatments and damage repair. If you’ve hired a pest control company to exterminate but were still left with a termite problem, then you need help from a termite complaint attorney.

The attorneys at Campbell Law have more than 25 years of experience in termite lawsuits. Here are some suggestions they offer when doing business with pest control companies:

  • Pay attention to your policy. If you are buying a new home, your policy should say, “retreatment and repair,” and should also indicate full comprehensive treatment, not defined treatment.
  • Monitor the inspection. A thorough termite inspection should take at least 45 minutes and should cover the entire home including your crawlspace and attic.