The Black Stack

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Campbell Law is teamed with Wiggins, Childs, Quinn and Pantazis to represent black applicants at a major company whose applications are put in the “black stack.” In violation of federal laws enacted by our Congress in 1964, the employer codes applications with race. Most hiring managers, including me, screen applications into three stacks for eligibility for an interview: no, yes and maybe. At this company, they have a fourth stack: THE BLACK STACK.

They are treated as if they never applied. The company hid this practice from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for many years by failing to identify applicants to the government on required EEO-1 reports.

There has not been a reported case since the 1970’s where “application coding” was proven except for a claim against Shoney’s. In this case, the Human Resource Director admitted it under oath in deposition. And he admitted the company hid it from the U.S. government when the company knew it should have been reported.

It is so refreshing to see managers stop supporting their employer’s bad practices. These people may have participated in wrongdoing, but it wonderful to see them gain courage start to make amends.

We look forward to starting a process this morning that will stop this shameful and immoral practice.

Campbell Law has been engaged in this fight for four years. It hasn’t been a battle but a war. This has been a long war – but it has been a good and just fight. It is easy to go to work when you have cases like this.