Terminix Loses In Alabama Supreme Court Again

Albama Supreme Court building SC

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Terminix International LP and is licensee, Allied-Williams (Terminix), lost an important case in the Alabama Supreme Court in November 2008.  Campbell Law’s Keiron McGowin skillfully argued against three big firm teams of lawyers from Mobile to Chicago who represented the corporations.

The Supreme Court refused to modify a discovery order by a Mobile trial judge.  For years Terminix has avoided producing records that would show whether it routinely failed to apply the bare minimum of termite chemical promised in its contracts.

Mr. Harrison entrusted protection of his home to Terminix.

Every year for over thity years Mr. Harrison or his parents paid fees for a full termite protection barrier.  It was never provided.

Every year for thirty years Terminix took a check but never applied the protective barrier.  The house got eaten up with termites.  A wall started breaking up which caused water to leak into the walls. Water in the walls caused toxic mold.  Mr. Harrison, already disabled from breathing problems before the mold appeared was ordered to leave his home by his doctors.

After Terminix refused to pay the claim, Mr. Harrison rented an apartment.  But he could not afford two places to live.  Terminix knew that. Terminix would not pay.  Mr. Harrison sued Terminix.  Terminix would not pay.  Terminix refused to provide answers to requests for information even though court rules allowed the requests. Terminix claimed the case was not important enough for the comoany to have to look through the files to find other potential victims.

Mr. Harrison’s savings ran out.  His social security check could not pay the mortgage and his rent. Old, sick, broke, this man who worked hard his whole life, filed for bankruptcy.  Terminix drove him from his home and into bankruptcy. And then

Broke, broken, sicken and humbled, Mr. Harrison died. Alone and broke, he died before his claim went to trial.

But in his name his children fight on. Tjere will be a trial and judgment day for Terminix will arrive.  Late but it will arrive.

Terminix tried to get the case thrown out of court before and lost.  Now Terminix vows to try to get the case thrown out again because the victim is dead and cannot describe his suffering.

Campbell Law believes the other customer files – some 100 sets of records – will show that Terminix did not make a mistake for 30 years by failing to use the minimum amount of chemicals.  As in other cases, Campbell Law has obtained files that establish Terminix almost never used the right amount and never fixed the problems when the files showed deficiencies.

Mr. Harrison’s life is over, but his fight is not. Campbell Law will not rest until justice is done.

If you have a Terminix termite protection contract with Terminix, and you need help, we will fight for you too.

If you previously worked for Terminix and want to see that the right things are done, call us. Your help, private or public, can help us get justice for the Harrison family and others.  Stop keeping secrets and start helping us help others. It is the right thing to do.