Terminix Loses Again!

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The Court Has Spoken and Investors are Listening.

On Tuesday, December 14th, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Terminix’s appellate argument and upheld the entire arbitral award won by Campbell Law PC on behalf its clients. 

The court’s decision served a significant blow to Terminix in a string of losses, this one seemingly at the hands of Lady Justice herself. The United States Court of Appeals is the second highest court in the land, and the Eleventh Circuit is one of the most influential courts. The only higher court in the United States is the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Terminix had asked the federal district court to take away a large part of the award after losing yet another case in excess of one million dollars to Termite Tom. Apparently, the only way Terminix thought it could win the appeal was by using fake evidence – attaching a document that was never even introduced at the arbitration. 

Though Terminix thought it had gotten away with its trickery, the Eleventh Circuit saw right through Terminix’s shady ploy and reinstated the entire award. Terminix and its casually cruel attitude regarding the harm it causes its customers failed yet again. And Campbell Law PC and its client won again!

The timing really could not be worse for Terminix. 

On Tuesday morning, Terminix announced its plans to merge with a giant pest control company from the UK. This was supposed to Big News for Terminix, and as expected, Terminix initially got a big bump in its stock value. 

In fact, after the merger announcement, Terminix’s stock appeared to be on rocket ship to the moon, rising over $10 per share in just hours – that is, until news of Terminix’s mega-loss, in an ever-growing chain of mega-losses, to Campbell Law PC hit the news. 

Not surprisingly, once this legal blow hit the news, Terminix’s stock began to plummet – eventually flatlining at less than half of what it had gained. 

The investors have spoken with their wallets and their message is clear – merger or no merger, Terminix cannot and will not right its ship until it properly addresses the service issues and ethical weakness Campbell Law has targeted.    

If you have a termite prevention contract with Terminix and suspect or discover a termite problem, we’re here – Termite Tom and his team of seasoned lawyers and staff at Campbell Law PC are on the watch.