Terminix Faces Contempt of Court: Ignores Supreme Court and Trial Court Orders Requiring Production of Fraud Evidence

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Terminix International, the world’s largest provider of termite prevention service has been ordered to appear at a hearing in Gadsden Alabama to explain why it should not be sanctioned and held in contempt of court.

Terminix ignored a deadline earlier this week to explain when it would be in position to comply with orders from two trial judges and the Alabama Supreme Court which require it to produce evidence relating to fraud claims.

Terminix is accused of failing to provide the chemical treatment a Gadsden couple paid for, failing to fix those deficiencies after being ordered by government investigators, forging records, illegally raising renewal fees, and fraudulently inducing payments for services it failed to render.

The home in question is so damaged by termites experts say it should be torn down.  Given the size of the claim, Terminix claim procedures require management of the claim by the chief executive officer of the company.

Months ago, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Terminix waited too long to challenge orders requiring it to answer discovery.

According to Tom Campbell, “It is amazing to me that some CEO in Memphis and his Chicago lawyers think they can ignore Alabama’s Supreme Court and a trial judge in Gadsden. It is very disturbing.

What is more disturbing though is that this family is living in a home that is falling apart and all the company is doing is trying to stall to prevent a trial. But I look forward to that trial.”

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