Termites Company Hides Damage to Ceiling Joists and Roof

Termite company hides damage

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We all want to believe that financial ruin is not lurking in the hard-to-get-to places in our homes. Termite companies and their insurers exploit this fear by offering that reassurance that they can predict or tell where damage stops without tearing out all wood to find the end point of damage.

When the living room ceiling of the New Orleans’ home fell-in, its 86 year-old owner was scared. Bubbles in paint and tiny pieces of dirt were all over the house. Her sons suspected the worse. A careful inspection of the whole house showed that the joists above the owner’s bed are eaten away.

If you crawl across the ceiling joists on your stomach, move the blown-in insulation, and probe the wood, the solid-appearing joists fall apart. The same holds true for the roof rafter and sheathing. This information was not disclosed to her by the termite company but by her lawyer and the lawyer’s hired expert. 

The termite damage resulted because the termite company failed to make a complete termite treatment.

If you are told that walls do not have to be torn-out to find the end of termite tunnels, calling knowledgeable lawyers should be your next step to protect your financial well-being and your family.