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Termite Companies Have a Reason to Fib About How Much Termite Damage to Expect or that You Already Have
If your company says that you have a small amount of damage and you should not be worried do yourself a favor and be skeptical. Why? They have a good reason to say that. They are the ones who failed to prevent it. Registration of termite pesticides requires submitting proof that if used as directed it will prevent termites 100% of the time for five years.

Your house has termites for three reasons – all of which are the termite provider’s fault:

They did not apply it as directed.

They did not reapply chemical after what they used wore off. This applies equally to a Chlordane treatment. Chlordane does not last forever. We are seeing a growing number of claims for houses built in the 1950’s to early 1980’s where some amount of Chlordane was applied but that hearty and long-lasting chemical degrades over time too. Ted,mite companies know this.

You dug up the chemical barrier because they never told you not to dig within 8-12 inches of your foundation.

Reasons 1 & 2 cover all the claims we get. So it is easy to protect yourself, right?


Who do you ask if your home was treated correctly or retreated at the correct interval? Do you say, “Hey termite company, you may have allowed tens of thousands of dollars of termite damage to my home. Is it your fault for not applying or reapplying the chemical at the right time and in the right way?”

You are not likely to get a honest answer in return.

In most situations, when our lawyers evaluate these claims, we can tell before ringing the doorbell that the house was not treated correctly or the old chemical wore off. When that has happened, it is wise to stop relying on your termite company for advice.

Campbell Law PC has recovered money damages relating to faulty termite prevention service for thousands of homeowners and small businesses across America. At this home in Jefferson, Louisiana, Campbell Law PC principal Tom Campbell opened the corner of the living room in the home of the firm’s 86 year-old client. She had been told that after the ceiling caved-in from termite damage and some of the walls were exposed that they had located all the damage in the home. The wall was opened to provide a visual demonstration for trial that the advice given was wildly wrong. As the video shows, the corner pieces of wood int he living room can be pulled apart with your bare hands.

Another compelling example that D&A Exterminating knew or should have known that the damage was more widespread is visible in the attic. You could see additional damage by looking into the attic which was easy to do. You could stand on a ladder and look at the attic because the ceiling had fallen in and was removed. Wood in the roof system was falling apart from termite damage in some places and there were mud tunnels all the way to the ridge beam. The ridge beam is the piece of wood at the apex of the roof where the rafters meet.

Properly performed termite prevention service would work almost 100% of the time. Let folks who understand why that is a fact figure out how the termite company failed to protect.