How Greed Causes Holes in the Ground

Coal dragline apron feeders colombia

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Coal-dragline-apron-feeders-colombiaWe take for granted that the earth will not open up and swallow our homes, children, pets or cause dangerous traps. For a dozen or so Campbell Law clients these worries are with them on a daily basis. Lawsuits pending in Walker County, Alabama allege that mining giant Drummond Company and Alabama Power Company got a little greedy and caused disaster.

Wanting to take a little extra, easy profit from its deep underground mines, these billionaire companies removed the support pillars as they mines were abandoned. The expected result occurred – the surface above the mines started collapsing.

When this starts happening, banks will not lend money on the land so the families who own it become trapped – they can’t afford to move so they have to live in fear and danger.

The cases seek damages for emotional distress and economic losses for the hazards and nuisances created by unbridled greed.

Raymond Bronner, one of our fine lawyers at Campbell Law PC, is a graduate geologist. Ray relishes the chance to wear two professional hats at once: Geologist and Lawyer.

Drummond and Alabama Power have paid millions of dollars to settle claims like this. It is unknown whether they have paid-out more in settlements than the ill-gotten profits.