Termite Swarm Season: Keeping Us Busy

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Annual termite mating rituals result in massive numbers of termites flying off to establish a new colony. Sometimes hundreds or thousands of these termites fly into your home, this before you find out that your termite company has been cheating you.

Although most termite infestations do not reveal themselves by swarmers, some do. This keeps Campbell Law PC lawyers burning the midnight oil each Spring. Termite companies will often claim these are “flying ants” or they’ll say that the problem has been solved by a treatment that takes twenty minutes to a couple of hours. However, a full termite treatment should take most of a day. It can even take up to twenty to thirty man hours or more.

Insurance companies for termite companies and large termite companies have claim departments that specialize in handling claims. They have decades experience in techniques that cause homeowners to believe they have minimal problems. For example, they claim that a “retreatment only” bond prevents recovery. You should have your own “claim handlers” with decades of experience in termite damage cases on your side. Campbell Law evaluates cases nationwide and as this photo shows, we work hard and do not mind getting our hands dirty.