Scam Alert: Termite Companies May Not Do Everything in their Power to Prevent Infestations – Often to Save Money


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Termite infestations happen frequently, especially in properties along the Gulf Coast. In all actuality, large pest control companies like Terminix only make matters worse, in fact they contribute to this epidemic.

If you needed something in your home to be repaired or maintained, you would expect professionals who specialize in the needed area to offer skillful service that you could trust. This is not the case when you deal with pest control companies. Over and over again, we see homeowners who have contracted a pest control company and were led to believe that their home was properly vaccinated when the technician knew in actuality it had not been. Sometimes we see these same homeowners end up losing their property to an infestation that could’ve been prevented with properly applied termite protection.

How could this happen? According to Attorney Tom Campbell “The conflict of interest that’s inherent in this business is the company doing your annual termite inspection also has to pay for the damage that they find. So they have an incentive not to find or not report all of the damage.”

Its not enough for people to have to suffer serious termite infestations and severe damage to their home due to faulty inspections and treatments. Once they discover that they were receiving poor treatments and false inspections, the pest control companies will use tricky tactics to make them feel trapped. Their long-line of excuses range from contract clauses, to blaming things like carpenter ants, and stating that the damage was old or caused by the client.

It may seem like these pest control companies have it all figured out. Luckily for homeowners, there are lawyers who stand up to these con-artists.

If you or someone you know has been victimized by termite control companies, contact Campbell Law. Attorney Tom Campbell and his Termite Team have over 25 years’ experience battling these termite companies, revealing their fraud, and maximizing recovery for their clients. They understand the termite industry, as well as termite infestations.