Alabama Termite and Pest Control Gets Caught

Contract Snip

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Alabama Termite and Pest Control got caught. Caught by regulators who issued a cease and desist letter ordering the company to stop writing to customers and falsely claiming that regulators were forcing cancellation of contracts or limitations of remedies to $10,000.

They were also caught falsifying records to document warnings to customers that were never actually provided. They were caught documenting the application of no termite chemical at a whopping 75% of termite jobs in the survey period allowed by the Court.

They were caught saying that there was only $4,500 in damage to the home when structural members were so weakened that the homeowner could pull studs from walls barehanded.

After six days of trial, a mistrial was declared when evidence of massive damage was admitted. Although defense counsel did not object to admitting a bag full of pulverized wood from the top plate of a load bearing wall, the defendant argued that the striking evidence was so prejudicial that it could not get a fair trial. So the case will be tried again at a later date.

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