$10,000,000 Fine Issued to Terminix

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The United States Attorney announced that Terminix International has been fined $10,000,000 because it “knowingly failed to properly manage their pest control operations” as reported by Pest Control Technology, an industry trade magazine, on March 30, 2016.

Rather than causing serious property damage, this time Terminix caused serious physical injuries to a family of four. The family was staying in the U.S. Virgin Islands in a condo above a unit where Terminix’s fumigation fell grossly below required standards. Improperly performed fumigations are the riskiest service a pest control operator can provide.

Fumigation for termites requires adhering to rigid standards and careful label instructions. Employees must be properly trained and closely supervised to prevent both injury to themselves but also to occupants and nearby individuals who could inhale the deadly fumes.

Terminix International is familiar with federal and state prosecutors – having been repeatedly fined or forced to enter into Consent Decrees that require reforming habitually unlawful and deficient business practices.

In Alabama, Terminix agreed to audit all offices and correct deficient treatments that are designed to create continuous pesticide barriers for termite prevention.

Officials concede it never audited most offices and several managers in Alabama have testified that they were never even told that their employer agreed to reforms to escape potentially stiffer punishments.

Campbell Law PC routinely represents consumers whose homes or commercial properties are damaged by termites.

Both victims and current and former employees who would like to assist with efforts to cause changes at Terminix are encouraged to share your information with Campbell Law PC’s five attorneys or para-professional staff members. 205-278-6650.