Professional References


A great guy to have on your side in a fight

I've known and worked with Tom Campbell for many years. He's a smart, capable lawyer whose particular strength is relentlessly pursuing the rights of injured people in complex cases, including class actions. He's a lawyer who understands and can handle difficult claims against difficult opponents. Tom's a great guy to have on your side in a fight.

Lucian Pera - Partner at Adams and Reese LLP via LinkedIn


A passionate, tireless, engaging attorney

Tom Campbell is a passionate, tireless, engaging attorney with whom my office is currently partnering on several class action lawsuits. His dedication to the client, and as a result, the client's cause, is paramount. Nothing is more important than a favorable result for the people he represents. I would consider myself lucky to work with Tom in any capacity, and can give him the highest recommendation.

Angela Lazear - Labor & Employment Paralegal, LAZEAR MACK via LinkedIn


Well-known and respected

As a representative for Martindale-Hubbell, I have interviewed hundreds of lawyers in Alabama. I can tell you that the Martindale-Hubbell AV rating is not something that attorneys just give each other for the fun of it. Attorneys take the ratings VERY seriously. One must truly EARN the respect of their peers as an attorney with high ethics and top of class legal abilities.

I know from working with Tom that he truly exemplifies what it means to be an AV rated attorney as an expert in his field. He is well-known and respected for his knowledge and ability to litigate pest control related cases and a wide array of complex class action cases on behalf of plaintiffs.

Lance Tarrant - Business Development & Sales Management, Alabama Media Group via LinkedIn



Tom is tenacious. He is not only smart but has great common sense and the ability to connect with people. Throw any hurdle at him and he is undaunted. I give him my highest recommendation.

Steve Rowe - Partner at Adams and Reese LLP via LinkedIn


A reputation for hard work

Tom Campbell is a dedicated, tenacious and intelligent trial lawyer. He has successfully litigated complex cases for his clients throughout the United States. He enjoys a reputation for hard work, integrity, and caring for his clients best interest. I highly recommend Tom for any legal trial work.

Chris Rodgers - Partner Attorney at Huie, Fernambucq & Stewart via LinkedIn



Not many lawyers are willing (even excited?) to crawl under a structure riddled with termites, but Tom is. Not only does Tom have that enthusiasm, he has taught it to the other members of his team at Campbell Law.

Jeremiah Hodges - Hodges Trial Lawyers, P.C. via LinkedIn


Strategic thinking and sophisticated tactics

Tom Campbell is a consumer lawyer who litigates cases with an unusual combination of long-term strategic thinking and extremely high-level sophisticated tactics in the here-and-now. I'm fortunate to have co-counseled with quite a few very smart and successful trial lawyers, but I think Tom is one of the very best attorneys with whom I've been lucky to work. I would hire him to be MY lawyer in a heartbeat.

Paul Bland - Executive Director, Public Justice via LinkedIn


A skilled and dedicated advocate

Tom Campbell is a skilled and dedicated advocate for ordinary people who've been taken advantage of by unscrupulous large corporations. He has employed innovative tactics to hold these big corporate raiders accountable despite their efforts to unfairly immunize themselves. You can't go wrong with Tom on your side.

Patrick Ballard - Circuit Judge at Jefferson County Circuit Court via LinkedIn