Faked Annual Termite Treatments: A Mobile Termite Company’s Practice is Explained

Faked Annual Termite Treatments

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Campbell Law PC modified the follow diagrams of typical wall systems to explain how a Mobile termite company faked treatments. The company would take treatment rods and spray inside weep holes to allegedly treat the foundation wall. However, as the following diagram explains, all that happens is the chemical runs back out of the holes or it pools and is absorbed into the brick.

Diagram 1

As the diagram reflects, the termites will com from the soil where they live into voids in the wall and bypass the treatment.

Two days after depositing checks that arose from a November 2014 fraud and professional negligence hearing, the company owner  appeared at another customer’s home and concealed the fact that infestation occurred from never doing a complete initial pre-treatment (it used 18 gallons of soil termiticide) and faked annual inspections. Since 2006 when the home was built, it has been eaten through he attic by Formosan termites.

At another home, the company claimed to prevent termites through use of a “borate” treatment while the home was built but then also claimed to be using a liquid treatment to prevent termites. The company even drilled additional holes in the brick veneer. However, the liquid treatment was really part of the company practice of pretending to provide such treatments.  Now the home is eaten-up with Formosan termite damage. A lawsuit alleging fraud is pending in Mobile County, Alabama.

The company told the homeowner, a widow with sever heart damage, that termite damage does not go above wall studs and not to worry about her ceiling and roof.

This representation occurred while Campbell Law PC was waiting for checks to clear from the last case. In that case, the company tried to persuade the arbitrator not to issue punitive damages because it was in the process of changing its business practice. Instead, the owner was doing exactly the same thing to another customer.

Carton nests replaced top-sills in this upscale home.

The company’s practice is to not do complete initial treatments. The chemicals it used, according the owner’s sworn testimony, wore off in five years. Even though he knew the barrier his company placed at the plumbing penetration wore off, he told the widow whose home was being destroyed by termites tunneling through the worn-off or nonexistent pesticide barrier int he soil under the slab that they did not need to apply pesticide under the slab.

At the time the owner told a widow this did not need to be treated, the wall and active infestation was exposed. The reddish-brown material on the wood in this photo is dirt termites brought from the ground to moisten their feeding site.

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