Epidemic of Catastrophic Terminix Damage to Historic Churches


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Lawyers at TermiteTom.com are responding to a growing disaster for historic churches by forming a special practice group and educating churches nationwide on how to react when termite damage is discovered.

Campbell Law PC lawyer Vince Bodin is leading a team of five attorneys who are focusing on the unique problems churches face when termite damage is discovered in an historic and costly-to-restore place of worship. In the past year in Alabama alone, the firm has begun handling claims for a dozen historic church properties from the Tennessee Valley to Mobile Bay. According to Bodin, “So far the culprit is always Terminix, and the sad tale is always the same: fake termite prevention service and grossly deficient inspections.”

Bodin reports that, even after some damage was discovered by the churches, Terminix misrepresented the scope of damage and provided fake remedial treatments that left these sacred treasures at risk of continuing hidden infestation and destruction.

At many of the church buildings, entire roof systems that are 200 years old will have to be demolished and specialists brought in to replicate old-world craftsmanship because of the structural problems create by termite damage. “And in one claim, Terminix had left an architectural marvel unprotected since 1939 when Hitler was invading Poland!” Bodin proclaimed.

Termite damage in the attic of a historic Basilica

Experienced TermiteTom.com lawyers Vince Bodin, Tom Campbell, Chris Cochran, Brandon Falls, and Walter Hudgens make up the group working to help churches and religious facilities. Special damages experts are being developed also.

In addition, the team is educating churches nationwide. This week, Bodin and Campbell met with facility managers from Catholic archdiocese across the country in Denver. “We want them to know that when they see signs of a termite problem, massive destruction is likely hidden in walls and hard to see places. We also want the stewards of these churches to understand that fraud by their termite company may well allow recovery of all resulting damages – even when that is tens of millions of dollars,” Tom Campbell says.

Based upon their initial inspections and their experience dealing with termite destruction caused by Terminix’s fraud, the Termite Tom attorneys fear this will be a big problem for houses of worship throughout the country, especially in the Formosan termite hotbed of the southeast. Bodin comments, “We suspect that the actual number of severely damages churches on the Gulf Coast will be in the dozens. It didn’t have to be this way. Terminix knew how to protect these churches but simply chose to steal their money and leave them vulnerable.”